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Iron Sunflower, Farmer's Daughter Motel, Los Angeles, CA
Iron Sunflower, Farmer's Daughter Motel, Los Angeles, CA

CV Highlights:


An idea cultivator and critical thinker, my 18+ years of B2B and B2C marketing, communications and sales experience spans private, public and non-profit sectors across consumer packaged goods, healthcare, fashion, academia and technology industries.


I'm known for expertly translating business needs into strategic yet practical solutions while leveraging technology and managing internal and external stakeholders at all levels.


Industries and Experience:


Consumer Packaged Goods: Unilever and Mattel

Healthcare: Bayer, HHI Healthcare Solutions

Non-Profit: Career Edge Organization, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada, MaRS Discovery District

Technology: Jolera IT Solutions, Sath Technologies

Fashion: Guess? Jean

Academia: Ryerson University




I love working with great people and worthy initiatives, with a focus on B2B companies, start ups and entrepreneurs.  Doing things the same old way, just because “it has always been done that way", doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  Change can be good or even great. 


My working style is to dive into the deep end quickly - which helps to manage your budget.  I'm just as excited to help build a marketing strategy for a new company as I am to help get a team or organization back on track. I enjoy variety – so tackling mult-faceted projects is no problem. I work best when I'm given access to key team members and I always stick around to support the implementation plan to ensure a successful outcome.   


As a start up or company searching for a new direction, you may not know what you need, but I can help you figure it out.